About Us
PARS SVSP, Inc. dba PARS Assets is a California corporation renowned as a diversified real estate company that acquires, owns and manages a real estate portfolio composed of high quality commercial, retail, office, residential, amusement park/entertainment center, R&D and open space properties. Over the course of its 26 year history, the company has managed properties on behalf of affiliated entities that exceed 2,000,000 square feet at locations spanning the United States, including San Diego, CA; Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Houston, TX; Albuquerque, NM; Socorro, NM; Pie Town, NM, and Anchorage, AK; as well as Annecy, France.

Firouz Memarzadeh, a leader and innovator within the real estate industry, founded PARS Assets in 1987 in Albuquerque, New Mexico as PARS Asset Management Company. In 1997 the company relocated its headquarters to Belmont Park, the iconic oceanfront amusement park in, San Diego, California, followed by its relocation to the landmark Pyramid Building in central San Diego. Mr. Memarzadeh continues to oversee all property operations, asset management, marketing and acquisitions for the company’s portfolio.

Mission Statement
Led by Mr. Memarzadeh, PARS Assets employs an investment strategy that seeks to acquire underperforming Class A properties, and then maximize the acquired properties’ performance and value through intensive post-acquisition management, renovation, lease enhancement and marketing efforts.  Through the company’s proprietary methods and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant software, we strive to operate our properties in an efficient, environmentally sensitive manner, which allows us to maintain existing tenants, add new tenants, strengthen rent rolls and position the company for optimal exit opportunities.
Guiding Philosophy
We make sound decisions based on long-term objectives rather than short-term gains. To that end, we manage all of our properties to the highest industry standards. We have actively pursued energy efficient improvements to our properties, including electrical retrofits, LED lighting, lighting management, re-roofing, reclaimed water for landscaping, web-based access control, and upgraded HVAC systems. In the last two years we have invested over $5 million in “green” technology and other upgrades to our asset portfolio. As a result, our properties are not only environmentally friendly, but we have achieved lower operating costs for our tenants and prospective buyers. Although our per SF operating costs are well below BOMA standards for Class A properties, we maintain Class A standards of operations.
Tenant satisfaction is a primary goal at PARS Assets. We pride ourselves on being honest in our actions and following through on our promises and commitments. All our properties are managed by on-site, seasoned property managers and day porters, who report directly to PARS Assets, so that we can quickly respond to our tenants’ needs. Our professional third party leasing teams insure a prompt and professional response to tenant brokers. Commission payment to tenant brokers is guaranteed to be paid for the entire term of the lease within 24 hours of the lease execution.